Our Philosophy

In our pursuit of excellence, we hold ourselves to high standards, especially when it comes to our wine. It is our belief that each day we can make a difference in the quality of our care for the land and, no matter how small, any difference we make is worthwhile. We create our wines and receive our guests under this same philosophy.

The focus of our production is Cabernet Sauvignon, as we believe this grape will increasingly be the icon varietal of Washington State. We also produce small amounts of Merlot, Chardonnay, and estate grown Viognier and Syrah. All five varietals are limited in availability. 

Our wines are made from a combination of estate grapes and carefully selected vineyards whose growers share our passion for quality and the land. Traditional methods combined with innovative techniques, and a meticulous commitment to detail, define the Abeja winemaking philosophy. From the site chosen to plant the vines, and the care given them throughout the year, to harvest, and through the numerous stages of the winemaking process, there are many choices to make and each have a lasting and cumulative effect on quality.

Our small team is passionately dedicated to quality. This begins in the vineyard, and continues through every part of the process that leads to our final product. Our state-of-the-art winery is designed to handle even the smallest quantities of fruit, so that farming for flavor always takes precedence over logistics.

Our wines are made to accompany the meal. This means a balanced wine with a solid framework of tannin and acidity that is filled with pure, lush fruit richness in the midpalate, elegant integrated oak, a moderate alcohol level and a generous finish. We accomplish this through meticulous viticultural management, gentle handling of the fruit and the wine, customized practices for every lot no matter how small, and carefully selected French oak.