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The Kitchen at Abeja is a refined wine country dining experience that relies on Pacific Northwest ingredients to nurture a sense of place and well-being through constant attention to detail and an unwavering desire to serve.

Elodie Li, Executive Chef

Born and raised in Kirkland, Washington, Elodie Li developed an early taste for global cuisine while traveling internationally with her family four months a year throughout childhood. A frequent visitor to China and all parts of Europe, dining was an integral part of the family's international travel, allowing Elodie to appreciate unique flavors, textures, ingredients, and cooking styles at a young age. It wasn't long before she found herself fully immersed in the culinary arts, earning a degree from Le Cordon Bleu in Seattle while working alongside Chef Don Curtiss at Seattle's acclaimed Volterra for two years.

At age 21, Elodie moved to Provence, France, where she worked for two Michelin-star restaurants, moving quickly through the ranks, holding positions from chef de partie to sous chef. She returned to the States in 2021 to lead the culinary program at Abeja, combining her love for fresh, seasonal Northwest ingredients with cooking techniques honed in Southern France.

Elodie Li

Dan Wampfler & Amy Alvarez Wampfler, Winemakers

Since joining Abeja in January 2016, winemakers Dan Wampfler and Amy Alvarez-Wampfler have combined their formidable winemaking talents with their love for one another. Drawing on more than four collective decades of Columbia Valley winemaking experience, the wines are built on a solid framework of tannin and acidity with clean, lush fruit flavors, a rich mid-palate, and a generous finish. Marked by elegance and balance, Abeja wines are especially well-suited to the table, where the Wampflers themselves enjoy connecting with family, friends, and, most importantly, one another.

Partners in winemaking and life, Dan and Amy's shared career allows the couple a unique opportunity to work together in all things. At the same time, the rigors of overseeing vineyards, winemaking, and Abeja hospitality require the couple to work independently. It is a shared position that allows Dan and Amy to appreciate their differences as much as their similarities. They are stronger together, and Abeja wines are better for it.

Dan Wampfler & Amy Alvarez Wampfler

Tom Uberuaga, Food & Beverage Director

Tom Uberuaga is a hospitality professional best known for his knack for making guests feel welcome. He brought modern, fine dining to Walla Walla at a time when the wine industry was coming into its own, opening the elegant Whitehouse-Crawford restaurant with chef Jamie Guerin in 2000. Later, he launched his own venture, the Creektown Café, an intimate wine country bistro favored by Walla Walla locals and visitors alike.

An unexpected call from an old friend drew Tom to upstate New York in 2011. He purchased and ran a boutique bed and breakfast in the foothills of Catskills, later opening a floral and interior design shop in the Hudson Valley. But he missed Walla Walla, and by late 2020, he was back home, taking time to consider his next move. That's when Abeja called in 2021, providing an opportunity to realize his dream of providing guests with an immersive culinary experience in the heart of wine country.

Tom Uberaga
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